Legislative Session Ends On Time

Food Banks receive $800,000 in final budget! 

Last Thursday, on the last day of session, the Washington State Legislature released the final budget including an additional $800,000 in funding for food banks through the Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP). The first increase in support for food banks since 2007, this represents a huge victory for all of us who advocate and work to stop hunger.In addition to purchasing food, these EFAP funds will provide money for food banks to buy new freezers, repair delivery vans and keep the lights on in the food pantry. Thanks to the efficiency of our network of partner food banks, this investment by the state of $800,000 will help leverage up to 2,400,000 meals between July 2014 and June 2015.The other anti-hunger requests we supported received mixed support - the Farmers Market Nutrition Program received some additional funding to offset cuts from the last several years. Unfortunately State Food Assistance did not receive any additional funding this year. 

Hunger Relief Program
Emergency Food Assistance Program     
Farmers Market Nutrition Program     
State Food Assistance                    

Request          Funding Provided
$1 million         $800,000
$500,000         $200,000
$1.3 million       $0 

The final budget passed by both chambers added $155 million to the budget passed last year, most of which was adjusting for increased cost of operating state services with the remainder in new spending. The legislature adjourned on time for the first time since 2009, just before midnight on March 13. 

-Via Food Lifeline