The Power of Ten Campaign

LOTS of new things happening over here at Families Unlimited Network. If you haven't been following our news lately you'll notice that we're trying to grow our visibility here in University Place. You'd actually be surprised at how many families and individuals are unaware that UP even has a Food Bank!

With the addition of new staff, new raised garden beds, new website, new food drives (more details coming!!!), and new opportunities to serve; we feel it's important that we find a way to continue spreading the word of all the great things this organization is doing! So we'd like to introduce the POWER OF TEN Campaign!

We're searching for 100 families/individuals to join this movement by committing to one (1) year of giving $10 a month. We won't stop at 100 but we feel like this is a fantastic obtainable goal for this community to meet!

Are you interested in joining the Power of Ten? As this campaign grows we'll continue to keep the community updated. Who knows maybe this will turn from a movement to a legion!