Spot is flying by so fast!

Spot is flying so fast this year! I can’t believe we only have 3 months left until summer.

We have had an awesome year so far! These are some of the coolest, spunkiest, and most energetic kids we have had yet. Every Spot day includes Homework Time where all the kids are required to work on either their homework or other supplemental materials. This gets kids in the habit of doing their homework right after school so they can have more time to play later. These are habits we want them to utilize as they enter Junior High and High School. We provide well balanced snacks (with the occasional treats now and then), that help the kids stay active and focused. We provide a safe place that these kids can go where they are cared for and can succeed. In addition to  homework, here are some additional activities the kids enjoy:

  • Volunteers: Currently have 22 volunteers. The majority of them are from Curtis High School’s National Honor Society. The kids get so excited to see them each week. It is really cool seeing the kids and the volunteers connect. They make our kids feel special. We are always looking for more volunteers to join in the fun!
  •  Foundation: Every Early Release Wednesday UPPC’s youth group, “Foundation,” spends quality time with the kids. That includes games, and a simple Bible lesson at the end.
  • Holiday Party: Back in December we got to have a Holiday Party before the kids went off to their break. We watched some Christmas movies and made gingerbread houses. We even had our very own paper snowball fight!
  • Art Club: Every Wednesday, the kids get to enjoy some art time with Julie, a member at UPPC. The club includes projects such as decorating mugs, creating clay roses, and water coloring. They even participated recently in a project that was displayed at an art festival.
  • Food Bank Day: Our Spot kids are rolling up their sleeves to help the community. We have teamed up with the Food Bank every 2nd Friday of the month to help with whatever Angi may need. In February the kids donated about 10 lbs. of food and almost 34 hours to the Food Bank! We want our kids to know that you can help the community no matter your age or size.