April Showers Bring May Flowers (and Vegetables!)

It is true that April showers bring May flowers.
We were blessed to have a group of young Girl Scouts come and plant wonderful flower pots to make our front walkway more colorful and inviting. The Food Bank vegetable gardens are all planted and growing nicely, thanks to the help of many of our volunteers, and should yield great crops again this year.

May is truly a wonderful month!
There is the National Day of Giving 5/5, the National Day of Prayer 5/7, and the upcoming Westside Church Group’s Day of Compassion 5/16 as well as Memorial Day 5/25. I feel it is important to recognize the many individuals and organizations that make these things and what we do here at F.U.N. possible. Volunteers and donors really are the backbone here and we couldn’t do it without you/them.

Please enjoy the month and always keep mindful of what you have and if you have extra – share, if you have extra time – lend a hand or if you just need a peaceful place to rest come sit at the bench in our garden and as always if you are in need we are here to serve.


Feeling Blessed,
Angi Unger