The End is Near!!!

The End of the summer that is! Even with the record temperature it still feels like the summer months flew by way too quick. Alas, here we are again about to embark on the start of the school year and the relaunching of our annual programs. 

August 29th marked the relaunch of the Back to School Fair after a two year hiatus. Thanks to the support of the Westside Church Network and the University Place School District we were able to provide over 175 students with the necessary supplies to start the year! This is an awesome victory for collaboration and the unprecedented approach to ministry the church community is continuing to embark on. 

September marks the beginning of the school year! Which means the 12th year of Spot will kick off on September 14th! With over 30 students already registered and training our new staff we have a lot to be excited for. There are lots of opportunities to get involved so be sure to check out our volunteer page to learn how you can participate!

Also the new school year means the re-launching of our Backpack program! Growing every year, we served over 100 students in the 2014-2015 school year with weekly backpacks full of food to help them fight hunger during the weekend. We wouldn’t be able to do that without the support of our volunteers from Church on the Sound and the generous donations from the community. Learn how to support this program, and the many others, by going to our donation page! 

It won’t be long until we start talking about the holiday season…. Stay tuned and continue to follow what FUN is doing in the Community!