Doug Stoeckicht

Executive Director 

Doug was born in Chicago, IL but spent a majority of his childhood in Minnesota. He moved to Washington state in 2003 to pursue a degree in Multicultural Studies, and Biblical Studies from Trinity Lutheran College.  With a desire to serve youth and families and help them reach their fullest potential, Doug began work here at Families Unlimited Network in 2007.  Currently Doug over sees the operations of all three major programs of FUN. So if you have questions send them his way!

Doug currently attends Urban Grace - The Downtown church in Tacoma, and participates with one of their four worship teams. 


Favorite Meal from the Pine Cone 

He doesn't even need the Menu anymore: Western Omelette with Home fries and English Muffin. Can't forget the bottomless coffee.
253-460-3134 Ext 102

Laura Suders

Administrative Assistant / Spot Program Manager

Laura was born in Missouri and grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia. Laura moved out to Washington with her husband, Ryan, in 2014. Having grown up in the middle of colonial towns, being in modern Washington has been quite a change! Laura enjoys the mild climate and all the hiking trails available!

Laura has been working with children for over ten years. In Virginia she worked for an after-school child care center as a lead teacher. Upon moving to Washington, she took up a job her as a Spot tutor. She has know moved onto running the program!
253-460-3134 Ext 100

Angi Unger

Food Bank Manager

Angi grew up on a farm in Canada.  She then moved to Gig Harbor with the family in right before Mt. St. Helens blew. Like the week before!! Welcome to the states!! She grew up doing a few different jobs but then opened her own restaurant when she was in her early 20’s. 

After seven years she decided to close it and go to culinary school to learn how to better meet her customers’ needs.  She was a manager for a high end steak house here, California, and then Arizona. She then moved back to Tacoma because she loves it here.  She was head chef at Weyerhaeuser Corporate in Federal Way until she moved on to what she thought would be a great career managing cafes at Boeing in Renton and Seattle until finding her true joy here in the food bank doing what she should have been doing all along!



Favorite Meal from the Pine Cone

"I haven't had a meal at the Pine Cone in over 10 years so I am not sure what my “favorite” would be – but my favorite anywhere else is a pancake smothered in peanut butter and syrup with a green salad on the side.  Don’t knock it until you try it!!"
253-460-3134 Ext 103