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Energy Assistance 

Families Unlimited Network may be able to provide up to $300 of your home heating costs each year. If you qualify for the program, you can not receive assistance if you are not behind on your bill and/or have not received a shut-off notice. 


The goal of Families Unlimited Network’s energy assistance program is to keep members of our community safe and warm, and to contribute to a stable home environment. We believe a household should never have to choose between electricity or other necessities, such as food, health care, or shelter. Energy assistance funds enable our community members to devote their resources to other crucial expenses. Funding is currently limited and we encourage those who live in our service area to call and schedule an appointment. Eligible households with the highest energy costs receive the greatest assistance.

Do I Qualify?
  • Location Restrictions? - Our services are open to anyone who resides in the 98466 & 98467 zip-codes. 

  • Income Restrictions? - We do not limit services based upon income! No Sweat. 

  • How to Register? - Appointments can be made by calling 253-460-3134. Limited space and availability.

  • What documentation to bring? - Please bring your government issued ID, Your current Tacoma Public Utilities bill, A current copy of your lease, and all other  financial documentation you think will help define your current financial picture. 

What should I expect?

Families ​Unlimited Network can not guarantee financial support at the time of your appointment. We will attempt to establish a financial baseline, and address key areas as to why this financial deficit exists. From there we will make an informed decision on if we can help financially or through our diverse network of similar service providers. Our goal is to not only address the emergency need but identify the triggers that will help families find long term success. 

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