Inclement Weather Policies 
Food Bank

When summer temps go above 80 Degrees FUN will provide limited food service to clients through our food bank. Providing Staple and prepackaged Items.


When temps are predicted to be over 90 degrees the food bank will be Closed! this is due to saftey for all staff, volunteers, and clients. 

Spot Program

The spot program follows the same policies of the University Place School District. If the District closes then Spot will follow that same protocol. 

IF School is cancelled mid-day spot will also be cancelled as we would prefer children get home safely through the District's transportation services. 

Families Unlimited Network uses for detailed information about weather. Please note that if's forecast predicts temperatures to trigger prepackaged service or cancellation of service we will follow along. Please use the information below to determine if we'll be open for service or closed.