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Business Sponsorships

Businesses play a key role in helping low-income families break the cycle of poverty and make lasting change in their lives. And while Families Unlimited Network’s business partnerships help raise much-needed funds and in-kind donations, they also serve to raise the profile of our business partners in the community.

Over the past two years, more and more businesses have partnered with Families Unlimited Network to support a wide range of activities, from employee food drives to event sponsorships. So whether your company is a large, international corporation or a small, family-run business, there is a valuable waiting for you at Families Unlimited Network.

How Can I Partner?
  • Event and Campaign Sponsorships: Connect your business with Families Unlimited Network as a sponsor of our consistently successful events and community campaigns.


  • Employee Engagement: Connect your employees and co-workers with direct, hands-on community drives or activities.


  • Contributions and Grants: Many companies, small and large, have formed corporate foundations to channel their giving through formal, tax-deductible cash contributions and grants.

How Do I Get More Information?

We would love to talk with you about how your business can make a difference and improve our community. For more information please contact us at 253.460.3134 or

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