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Food & Fundraising Drives

If your organization, group or business is interested in getting involved in one or more of the following ways, contact our Administrator at

If you or someone you know is interesting in coordinating a Fund Drive, check out these helpful tips!


For more information and ideas on how to host a Food Drive, check out our Food Drive Packet.


Click the following link for a list of the Most Needed Food Items.

Food Drive - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Should I Donate Food or Funds? - We're deeply appreciative of every donation we receive. A food drive is a great way to have a tangible tie to the cause, while also supporting the community and promoting awareness of need in our area. Food donations create an immediate impact in our food bank. We can stretch cash donations a bit further to purchase food for our food banks, and often times, donating cash is more convenient. Every pound or dollar makes a difference in the lives of neighbors in need!


  • Do You Have Bins And Posters We Can Use? - Absolutely! Bins and posters are free, we are in the process of printing new cardboard bins that are available upon request. Feel free to e-mail our Administrator to learn about collecting our new boxes.  


  • How do my in-kind donations reach people in need? - After donations enter our food bank and are weighed and receipted, they are sorted into appropriate categories by our volunteers and placed onto the shelves for clients. Our clients can visit our food banks once a month. Our food bank is set up in a grocery store model – allowing clients to shop for what they know their family will consume.

  • Can I Donate Expired Items? - We always prefer food that is not expired and ask that items are new and unwrapped. Items that are expired, including canned items, are usually pulled from our regular rotation and re-donated or disposed.

  • Do I Need To Tell Anyone That I Am Dropping Off Donations? - We have an affinity towards the personal touch! We always love knowing when items are being dropped off at our location. For larger donations it allows us to make sure we have the volunteers in place to help weigh, sort and organize your contributions.


  • I'm not able to Drop off my donation can you pick it up? - Yes. Our food bank is very busy during the week picking up food from around the area. We will need at least 2 weeks notice to be able to plan your pick-up. Scheduling can be coordinated through our Administrator by e-mail her at

  • Will I get a receipt? - Yes! One of our staff or volunteers will provide for you a receipt acknowledging the weight and the fair market value of your contribution at the time of your donation. Please note receipts are only available at our physical location. Other drop off sites will not have the capability to provide you with a receipt. 

  • Who do we make Checks out to? - Checks can be made out to 'Families Unlimited Network' and either dropped off at our location or mailed to our administrative office at P.O. Box 65672, University Place WA, 98464. 

  • How much did my group collect? You will receive a receipt upon dropping off your in-kind donations which will include your total weight in pounds. If you didn’t receive a receipt or are inquiring about cash, please email our administrator at

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