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End of the Month Report: August 2019

School has started and so we pivot to the fall! Before we get too far into the month lets celebrate what we accomplished this past month.


Total Households Served : 438 (25% increase from 2018)

New Families: 81 (14% increase from 2018)

Total Individuals Served: 1880 (27% increase from 2018)

Food Given to families (lbs.): 30,080

SUMMER MEAL PROGRAM We have provided 2,064 meals this summer.


We gave away supplies for 96 kids in the community the day of and have provided extra backpacks and supplies to students in our summer meal program. Extra supplies are also available to counselors.

REQUESTS FOR HELP Requests for help represent the number of individuals requesting help on behalf of themselves or their families. Numbers are not duplicated, meaning if a family calls 4 times in one day they still only count as 1 in our statistical analysis. All requests recorded are for families that live within the 98466 & 98467 zip-codes.

Rent Assistance : 39

Utility Assistance: 19

Other: 30


216 Volunteers

529.15 Hours of Volunteer Service

Valued at $13,456.28 (meaning we saved over $13,000 from payroll expenses thanks to the help of our volunteer community. Their support means that we can keep our operational costs low, while serving hundreds of families.)

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