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Burger Cook-Off! Fundraiser

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Updated: 7/30/2019 at 2:18pm to reflect updated donation numbers!

Yesterday FUN had the opportunity to be the recipient of the 10th Annual Burger Cook-Off hosted annually by Emily & Nils Wickman. This gathering of friends and community members is a fun way for the Wickman's to create community and support organizations that support south sound youth. We were incredibly blessed to be included this year.

In total there were 8 chefs both amateur and professional that came together and created 8 unique burgers in hopes of achieving the highest honor... The Golden Burger Belt Buckle...

So many great variations of burgers from a Bahn-mi style to the Sven and Ole Casserolee burger, featuring a spin-off on the Midwest classic Tator-tot hot-dish. All 8 burgers were fantastic and we're so grateful for all the chefs who took the time to come out and participate and helped make it something special.

We're still gathering totals, but at the event after the crowed the champion. Emily announced that they had raised $4000!!! AMAZING! Just this morning though Nils also informed me that more gifts were coming in! So stay tuned there will be an update somewhere down the road.

Until that time. We just want to again express our thanks to Emily and Nils, the Chefs, and all the great families and individuals that came to the burger cook-off. Monies raised at the event will be designated for our Summer Meal program, Back to School Fair, and After-School Tutoring program!

All of the chefs being acknowledged and awarded!

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