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Changes at the Federal Level Affect us too!!!

News came out today from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that there are proposed changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) aka Food Stamps that would change the eligibility criteria for families and individuals seeking or currently utilizing food stamps in our country. While it may be a while till changes go into affect, we do pay attention to what's happening at both the state and federal level regarding these programs.


New to the term SNAP? Here's your quick rundown of what SNAP benefits provide to families.

SNAP is a free program that provides money to buy groceries each month using an Electronic Benefits Transfer Card (EBT). EBT cards work like debit cards.

  • The average individual who meets requirements receives about $216 per month ($54 per week).

  • SNAP eligibility is based upon income and the number of family members in the household.

  • For more information about SNAP click here.


How will this affect Families Unlimited Network?

We won't know the full impact until a policy has been put in place and approved at the federal level. We'll then have to see how Washington State responds and if they're able to intervene with the process. Regardless of the final outcome, it will likely mean that we will continue to see an increase in the number of families utilizing our food programs. Which means that our needs will probably increase in the coming months as well.

Our policy is to make sure no one goes hungry, so whether a family has food stamps or not FUN remains committed to always being there. We'll likely need your help. Consider becoming a donor today and help assure the financial security this organization needs. This way, we're always ready to step up and support our families and the unique challenges they face.

To read more on the USDA Proposed Changes click here.

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