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Basic Home Repair & Maintenance 

We know that families and individuals all have different needs. Sometimes it's helping with budgeting or navigating a change in careers. Sometimes though it comes down to simple things like needing help with some basic repairs to your home or yard. Things that are too difficult to do on your own. You should know there are people who want to help you with that! 

We have a small group of community members who are interested in using their handy skills to help you. If you have a need like fixing a leaky sink or need a handicap ramp built leading into your home, we may be able to help! 

All you need to do is fill in the form below and give us a little more information as to your needs and we'll assess if that is something we can help with. We can't guarantee that we'll take everything on, but we'll do the best we can! 

Have something you need help accomplishing around the house? Let us know and we'll reach out if we're able to step in and help! 

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