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Since 2003, We Have Been The Leading Organization In University Place Supporting Families And Advocating For Their Growing Needs. 
Our Mission

Families Unlimited Network provides access to food and resources that support community well-being
and self-sustainability.

Our Vision

Families Unlimited Network envisions a community in which every person has access to the resources needed to flourish, and where we are transformed through our journey together.

Our Core Values

#1 We are called by Jesus to love, welcome, care, and honor the dignity of every person.

(Faith & The Centrality of Jesus to our mission)

#2 We view relationships as the primary building block to a healthy community.

#3 We are responsive to community needs and humble stewards of resources.

(Trusted Stewardship)

#4 We take joy in discovering each person’s story, appreciating differences

with open hearts.


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