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News and Updates!

Can you believe that Families Unlimited Network has been operating in this community for 16 years?! In that time we have distributed millions of pounds (lbs) of food in this community to families and children experiencing hunger. We've provided countless hours of tutoring to students in this community who needed extra support, and we've done it in a way that makes it affordable to all families! Most of all we've walked alongside hundreds of families who faced some incredible barriers to find success and sustainability.

All of this couldn't have happened without the support and encouragement from our local community. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.

As we Embark on this 17th Year at FUN we recognize that we do a lot of amazing things, but often times do not have the opportunities to share with the community. While we're only a small staff of 3 full time people, we are making an effort to get information and updates out into the community as often as possible. We believe it's important you know about our victories big and small!

We hope the information we share is both exciting and insightful! Stay tuned!

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